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• a musical & artistic Approach to photography •

i am a multicultural, a multitalent artist, globetrotter, half French half Persian. Being a creative is my passion. My artworks embody Music, Rhythm, the rules of composition & harmony applied to photography, creating Impressionist textures, colors & forms, inviting you into a visual journey.

• Creative Fine Art Photography • in numbered, signed and limited edition •

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• INTERLACED • Essay by Sina Vodjani • multiple exposure photography •

I compose most of my photos directly in the camera in multiple exposure technic. Edited thereafter at pixel level, the photo remains mostly as shot, but also further embedded in as a multi layer compositing element.

With this photographic technic, I attempt to make visible the etheric and atomic vibrations of things, symbolizing movement, color of sound, and at the same time gives an movement and dynamic to the work. We recognize that the world is not static, it vibrates, it is in perpetual motion, its smallest basic ingredient, construction stone is light = sound = vibration, bringing us right into Science: the Strings Theory.

With the concept "INTERLACED" I want to point to „the invisible in the visible" and inverse „the visible in the invisible". The threshold where consciousness oscillates between the known and the unknown, perfection and imperfection, the wanted and the random, the yin and yang, the reciprocity come into interaction, everything is in constant change, it´s the perpetual motion of creativity in the universe. It´s in this gap between these two apparently contradictory poles, between the predictable and the unpredictable, that lies the playground and modulations of creativity. This give to my work a philosophical ambition, cosmological, I can even say mystical, pointing to the two extremes, which by their interaction generate friction and the perpetual movement of life.

Choosing knowingly as a starting point familiar images, well-known objects, views and monuments, I create a universe that evokes organic forms, dreams, memories, emotions, inviting the observer in another dimension, but remaining still pegged to what he already knows. In this way, the known leads us to the unknown, invites us to change our perspective and makes us taste the infinite space of creative possibilities. What is objectively perceived, contains multitudes of other dimensions and states of consciousness. As in the life of every day, which is partly predictable and is believed to be mastered, but very often proves to be very unpredictable, unforeseen event will suddenly call everything into question, this situation requires then a quick creative and spontaneous solution, change, adaptation. This is the inherent mechanism of life and creativity itself that I want to emphasize in my work: the contradictions that gives to life this mystical enchantment, between the conceivable and inconceivable.

Sina Vodjani

The Art-Works are exposed on high quality Fine-Art papers, or additionally painted on with mixmedial technique, finally mounted on wood overdrawn with liquid Gloss Epoxy, or fixed on Alu-Dibond under HQ plexiglas.

SINA VODJANI | L´art de vivre...

son of a French mother and a Persian father, is a musical ambassador between the Orient and the West. His message is spiritual - conveyed by prayers and sounds gathered from all over the world. Born in Isfahan (Iran) in 1954, he grew up in Tehran, San Francisco and Paris and was introduced to a life influenced by a rich variety of different cultures from his early childhood. He was still very young when he first started taking singing and guitar lessons, and later, in Germany, he studied piano and composition as well as classical and flamenco guitar.

Sina was prompted to take an interest in scriptures from various religions by an unexpected mystical experience, and over the years, he has acquired further considerable knowledge in a variety of fields - including Qi-Gong, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga and shamanism; all of these have an influence on his work as a creative artist. His creative work is not limited to just music but takes in a number of fields; as a professional photographer, he captures impressive snapshots, photos of landscapes and portraits - and not only on his travels. As a painter, his works have been exhibited in Paris, Hamburg and other parts of Northern Germany.

Sina's unrelenting quest for new sources of inspiration has taken him to many countries, of which India, Nepal, Tibet and Iran have a crucial influence on his art and music. Sina is recognized today as an artist who manages to melt together traditional Oriental influences, modern grooves and the prayer chants of Buddhist priests with international musicians into a unique cosmos of sound. An album was created in a similar fashion following a journey to Iran, the land of his birth, inspired by the teachings of the Persian prophet Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra). All these productions were created in Sina Vodjani's own modern hi-tech recording studio in Hamburg, the composer bringing together a solid knowledge of recording technology, computer programming and spirituality.

A fascinating conglomeration of guitars, exotic instruments and synthesizers demonstrate what is important to him: creating a link between the worlds. His projects, an essence of the analysis of different cultures and religions, are not finished when the last note has been recorded - Sina then sits down once again at the computer, but this time his creativity flows into artistic layouts for the design of the CD and booklet artwork. Sina says: 'In a way I'm a shaman - for a shaman travels from one world to another.

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Sina Vodjani