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 born in Isfahan, Iran, in 1954, embodies the fusion of French and Persian heritage. Raised in Tehran, San Francisco, and Paris, he began his musical journey early, exploring singing and the guitar. Later, he studied guitar, piano, and composition in Germany where he has lived since 1975. Prompted by mystical experiences, Sina delved into scriptures and diverse disciplines, shaping his spiritual message. Beyond music, he excels as a photographer and painter from an early age, with over 100 Exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, St. Tropez, Luxemburg, Brussels, Sydney, and beyond. His global travels, notably to India, Nepal, Tibet, Japan and Iran, profoundly influence his music and art. Operating from his cutting-edge studio in Hamburg, he combines technical expertise with spiritual insight. He views himself as a shaman, traversing realms to bridge cultures and worlds through his art. Throughout his career, Sina has produced over 14 solo CDs and 13 Singles in the realm of world music, drawing inspiration from his extensive travels. His projects often intertwine his musical compositions with his photographic explorations. Since 2004, Sina has increasingly focused on artistic photography, aiming to evoke profound emotions and engage viewers on multiple levels. His conceptual approach merges diverse art forms and cultures, blurring boundaries and inviting individual interpretations. Through his mastery of color, composition, and light, Sina creates images that transcend rationality, inviting observers to discover deeper dimensions in the simplicity of observation. For Sina, artistic expression encompasses a holistic integration of photography, painting, and music, resonating with all senses. • Creative Fine Art Photography • in numbered, signed and limited edition •

Exploring the Interlaced Realms: 

The Artistry of Sina Vodjani's Multiple Exposure Photography In the realm of photography, Sina Vodjani masterfully employs the technique of multiple exposures to weave together intricate narratives that transcend the boundaries of conventional imagery. Through meticulous composition directly within the camera, Vodjani captures a moment in time, which is then delicately enhanced at the pixel level, maintaining the essence of the original shot while infusing it with layers of complexity. Central to Vodjani's artistic vision is the exploration of the unseen forces that permeate our world—the etheric and atomic vibrations that underlie existence. Through his photographs, he seeks to symbolize the dynamic interplay of movement, color, and sound, offering glimpses into the fundamental nature of reality. At its core, his work delves into the profound principles of Science, echoing the tenets of String Theory where light, sound, and vibration converge. Underpinning Vodjani's creative endeavor is the concept of "INTERLACED," a thematic motif that underscores the symbiotic relationship between the visible and the invisible. Within this conceptual framework, he navigates the threshold of consciousness, where opposing forces intertwine—perfection and imperfection, order and chaos, yin and yang. It is within this liminal space that creativity thrives, propelled by the tension between certainty and unpredictability. By employing familiar imagery as his starting point, Vodjani invites viewers into a realm of boundless possibilities, where known entities serve as portals to uncharted territories of imagination. Through his lens, ordinary objects are transmuted into organic forms, dreams, and emotions, beckoning observers to expand their perception and embrace the infinite expanse of creativity. In essence, Vodjani's work serves as a testament to the enigmatic nature of existence, where contradictions abound, giving rise to the mystical allure of life itself. Through his artistry, he unveils the inherent dynamism of the universe, inviting us to contemplate the intricate tapestry of interconnectedness that lies at the heart of all creation.

Sina Vodjani

The Art-Works are exposed on high quality Fine-Art papers, or additionally painted on with mixmedial technique, finally mounted on wood overdrawn with liquid Gloss Epoxy, or fixed on Alu-Dibond under HQ plexiglas.

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Sina Vodjani